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WEDNESDAYS: February 21st - May 29th, 2024@ 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST


*Want to get rid of Inflammation – one of the major root causes of disease?

*Do you suffer from bloating, reflux, &/or abdominal cramps after eating?

*Does brain fog or fatigue stop you from doing the things you want to do?

*Are you ready to say goodbye to pain, boost your immune system, & rebalance your hormones NATURALLY?

*Do you want to have glowing, radiant skin & get that rockin body, just in time for summer, NATURALLY?


You don’t have to settle for your current nagging symptoms!

YOU have the ability to Heal Your Gut & Heal Your Body. And Live a vibrant life!

Learn How to Take YOUR Health back into YOUR Own Hands![12086].jpg


Decrease Inflammation
Eliminate Fatigue, Brain Fog, & Pain
Boost Your Immune System
Lose Weight
Balance Your Hormones
Get Rid of Bloating, Reflux, & Nausea
Improve Your Mood & MORE!!!

Transform your health and Revitalize your entire body with Cor Coaching’s Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Body, ELIMINATION DIET Group Program. 

Over the course of 15 weeks, you’ll benefit from:

Live Weekly Zoom Calls 

New Recipes to Support You

Group Coaching Calls 

Bonus!! FREE 40min 1:1 Assessment 

PRIVATE WHATSAPP Text Thread for Unlimited Support

You will learn: 

*The basics of reading Food Labels

 *Identify Which Main Toxins to Eliminate for Optimal Health

*Tools to Optimize Your Health that You Can Use for a Lifetime!

Don’t let health issues hold you back any longer – join our program today and start feeling your best.

Reserve Your Spot NOW!

***With limited spaces available for only 10 participants, this program provides an exclusive and high-value learning experience. My expertise will guide you step-by-step through a scientifically proven approach to eliminate toxins and improve your gut health, resulting in a happier, healthier you. Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity - enroll today!

Starts Wednesday February 21st

For Any Questions Please Contact: or (831) 244--6

Cordelia Sidijaya

Cordelia Sidijaya: A Registered Nurse and Holistic Health & Mindset Coach, Cordelia combines her 12-year healthcare experience, personal triumph over an "incurable disease," and holistic medicine knowledge in her practice.

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